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My Contribution to the Green Revolution!!!

Greens are Gone, Save the Blues.

Well that is the theme of summer holiday homework for my son. I am shocked…I mean really!! Have we already given up & concluded that the greens are gone.I am jolted to do some introspection .Isn’t it my social responsibility to do my bit for planet earth even though it may be very small. At least we city dwellers can grow herb gardens in our balconies & terraces and must encourage others to do so.The more the number of people, the greater will be the change .There is no magic wand for any problem but we have to put efforts to bring change.

I was a loner in this green journey until I met passionate gardeners who shared similar views & motivated me. Today I am possessed with the idea of going green & turning every available space into a green spot…haven’t we created enough hotspots to remain connected in a technology driven world 🙂 Let’s create green spots now for our own existence.

My humble beginning in terrace gardening 🙂 Mostly I am using thermacol boxes, gunny & plastic bags, containers, cold drink bottles etc to create my terrace garden. I shamelessly pick them from anywhere to the curious amazement of onlookers…I beg,I borrow but I never stop.


My first baby brinjal peeking at me….a proud mother I am!!Image

My first love indeed…I had sleepless nights worrying about it’s growth & surviving the big bad world (harsh Delhi weather & the maniac monkeys) Look at the way it is boasting it’s presence as if saying “I am the King!”

Aha! The princely gourd is trying to work it’s charm 🙂


The lushy amaranthas would steal your heart with the tenderness & it’s bright hue. Grown them in gunny bags & they haven’t complained once instead swaying & singing happily in chorus.ImageImage

The fresh mint inspires me every day…don’t fear being crushed rather spread your fragrance!!


Every plant has a story, each one a HERO teaching me some precious lessons of life…

They grow with zest & gift me the greens, they are my companion in solitude, I sing & hum…I am a free spirit in midst of them.

They die but I don’t cry coz they embark on a new journey as they go into the compost bin to come out as gold for my new greens…Cheers!! 🙂


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Destruction actually opens a new path of creation



Every end is a new beginning…how true. Don’t we all need to destroy our ego,the old habits & attachments to emerge out a totally new individual reflecting Truth, Goodness & Beauty…Satyam,Shivam,Sundaram!

Let’s not fear change & destruction, but take it as an opportunity to emerge out of our cocoons like the vibrant butterfly. Let’s spread our colorful wings & make this world a beautiful place to live.

…let’s begin from where it ended…

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C’est la vie!!!

Sometimes life takes a sudden twist when you thought the road of life was straight. You are suspended in mid air with no landing in sight.Now you are forced to open your wings & take the flight. Until this moment you never knew how strong you are, but now it is the only choice you have.You had been living inside a safe cocoon,it’s time to unravel your wings & take the flight to the unknown shores.Leave the land & embark on this new journey…the road of life will always have twists & turns, so fear not!

There is world beyond the horizon I am sure.The beautiful song by Bob Dylan…Beyond the horizon, behind the sun, at the end of the rainbow life has only begun!!!  

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Unpredictable life or definite death…what scares you most???

The uncertainty of life…not knowing where you are going,what would happen next,expecting something unexpected,waiting for some miracle to happen.Well,I have accepted life that way & in fact love it.

Like a new leaf,life also unfolds every moment revealing many surprises & miracles in our day to day life. There is a thrill in the anticipation.The calling of the unknown is always tempting…we open our wings to unravel & take flight.

But then why we are curious to peep into the future & know everything before time, whereas we know the future holds a definite death that no one can deny.