A lifetime isn't forever…


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The far horizon is in sight
that is the only light
My heart is longing
and the soul is burning…

The journey long
my heart is ready to soar
in that far horizon
where river meets the sky
where doubt and faith meets

The restless sea
the waves chasing each other
As I leave the shore
carrying desires within my soul
I will bare it all…

I wander aimlessly
in the world of illusion
I keep chasing a mirage
that eludes me
gazing at the sun at zenith
burning inside
with the restlessness of my heart
set out in search for a part of me
the emptiness inside
makes me wander
like a soul in flight

What is it that I am really seeking??


Author: rekharai777

A dream chaser,an eternal optimist,boundless & bubblier than a bottle of Champagne.I know a lifetime isn't forever & there are definitely no second chances. I believe in spreading my wings coz I know the winds will carry me...

One thought on “Odyssey…!!!

  1. That was a surprise…didn’t know you were a poet too! What is it that we all are really seeking…..makes me wonder 🙂

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