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Learning A,B,C…from Ants,Bees,Chameleon…Lessons from Nature!!!

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Nature never ceases to amaze me. Every trip to the wilderness is always thrilling & enchanting. There is a treasure trove in the wilderness from where we can gather a few pearls of wisdom and apply them in our lives. The key is to listen intently as nature is always communicating with us…with an open mind and an open heart. The haunting cry of a nightingale, the chorus of the cicadas, the croaking of frogs and the swaying sound of leaves…there is music and also a message. We just need to take a cue and dig into the mysteries of nature.

We can learn the art of camouflage, group dynamics,defense,team spirit,happiness,meditation…a whole lot from nature. It is abound of examples in tactics of survival & strategies, planning & management. The great Chanakya also advises in the Arthashastra to never hesitate in learning from the smallest of the creatures.

Everyone must have noticed the ever so busy swarm of ants marching ahead with an amazing audacity telling us that ‘life is momentum’. There will be setbacks but don’t lose hope & never stop…Keep marching!They work as a team, trusting each other, quite diligent & always focused…teaching us about planning, strategy and management. They follow, they lead and they reorganize again if they go astray. And most interestingly they carry weight which is almost 50 times their own body weight. Now that’s called an ant attitude 🙂  because they believe it’s possible, whereas we humans give in to mental limits.

A butterfly…has always intrigued me. My spirit soars high as I see one flutter by…colorful, vibrant, energetic & so full of life. The life cycle of a butterfly is quite interesting, transformation from a caterpillar to a cocoon & ultimately turning into a colorful butterfly is so amazing & inspiring. It’s a metaphor of our own journey…every individual needs to emerge out of the cocoon of ignorance. And if you ever feel trapped in a cocoon of despair & hopelessness, just don’t give up and think of the beautiful butterfly unfolding its wispy wings to take a flight. With some perseverance you too will come out as a winner.

They can in-fact guide us in the art of survival in this ruthless world. If we can keep our ego in check and be one with our surroundings, we can avoid many agonies. Sometimes it is better not to appear different and intimidate the powerful. The Chameleon changes its color and blends with the background avoiding attack from its predator. At times we too need to have the same approach in life and underplay till we are fully ready for a strike back and overpower our rivals.

Contrary to the above, some situations demand that we assert our distinctive qualities rather being lost in the crowd to be a winner. The stripes on a Zebra,make it stand out and being a social animal they are clustered together confusing their predators and making it tough to target them.

The rule of survival is thus to have a flexible approach and act as the situation demands. After all Life is a Game!

How can I forget the birds?? Romancing the vast blue skies, they travel thousands of miles flying all day and all night with such passion. Flying against the wind and soaring high they teach us to face the contrary winds in life and never give up.

So next time you are in the wilderness just don’t rush, instead pause and ponder on the mysteries around you. Feel the wind and raindrops on your skin. Gasp in awe at the sight of God’s wonderful creations.

 See the world through the eyes of a child…and relearn A,B,C!!!


Author: rekharai777

A dream chaser,an eternal optimist,boundless & bubblier than a bottle of Champagne.I know a lifetime isn't forever & there are definitely no second chances. I believe in spreading my wings coz I know the winds will carry me...

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