A lifetime isn't forever…

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There is an ancient Indian proverb “Certain things catch your eye, but pursue only those that capture the heart”

How true! But how many of us are fortunate enough to do what we love? How many of us chose the path less trodden??

Here I am categorically referring to my generation…yes the ones who grew up listening to Vividh Bharti & Ameen Sayani’s Binaca Geetmala, watching chitrahaar on a black & white TV while the antenna was being adjusted in various angles & directions 🙂  So the point here is that we didn’t have much of options then unlike today. Specially my friends & peers from small towns like me would definitely agree. We had to choose from whatever little options available. Moreover our generation was also conditioned to believe that stability & security are the ultimate goals of life & we should not venture into uncharted territories.

Now most of us treaded on this path with little or no deviation barring a few crazy ones with star in their eyes &  fire in the bellies. The ones who believed in their dreams & had the conviction & faith to chase them. Those of us who smothered our dreams due to various reasons definitely regrets it at some point. And It hits you badly when you realize that a good part of life is already gone in a blink of an eye, many a dreams gone unfulfilled…and ironically gone are the people for whom dreams were compromised, times have changed (and you thought nothing will change isn’t it?),relationship equations are different. In fact everything is different today…if only you had the courage to be yourself, rather than being what others expected of you.

We keep on postponing our dreams for one fine day…but eventually our dreams die a slow death & turn into stings of regret haunting us the rest of our lives. The choices that we made or the ones that we didn’t make ultimately decides our destiny.

Many a times while driving we take a wrong turn & travel  several kilometers in the wrong direction. But do we keep going ??  No, we don’t… we try to find the road back to our destination…Isn’t It ? Then why don’t we do so in life. Well just because we are living our lives by default. And to chase our dreams we have to leave our city of comfort and go into the wilderness of our dreams.

Let’s know that time is running out, we don’t know how long we gonna live before we could give wings to our dreams. Let’s pause for a moment & reconsider before it is too late.

Let’s go & get the second lease of life!!!